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Got a text from a scammer the other day....standard do you take credit you do exteriors...very poor English. Just in case it is legit I always get back to them and asked where is the house, and when can he meet me. The scammers always have an excuse of why the cannot meet. This guy texted me back to tell me where the house is (way too far away from me) and ask for more, person in charge, address (I can never figure out why they cannot get this info from my website). At this point I know he is a scammer. I deleted the texts. They guy calls me and asked why I had not gotten back to him. This has never happened. I told him the job is too far away, he said ok and hung up. Why I did not go off on him and tell him I knew exactly what he was up to. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
Category: Painter Post By: BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 07/08/2019

Pretty common. I had one a little while ago. I insisted on meeting in person. One to check as well is the address they give is usually an empty home that is for sale. Check you local real estate listings and I bet the address he gave is for sale.

- LESTER BARNETT (Bridgeport, CT), 08/25/2019

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