Forum Title: How to set up windows to spray
I'm going to be painting (spraying) 34 windows, both sides. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set these up to accomplish that. It would be similar to painting cabinet doors but heavier. I'll be setting this up in the customers garage. My idea is 2 x 4 extended across 2 ladders. Screw 2 hooks into the top of each window and hang them with wire. I really don't want reinvent the wheel here so any advice is much appreciated.
Category: Painter Post By: TYLER POWERS (Manchester, NH), 07/16/2019

How heavy are the windows? The windows I'm thinking of I think would be to heavy. How about getting a 4x4 and cut 4 blocks like a pyramid and lay the windows on them. But you take a chance on breaking the window. or put straight screws in them that would elevate them off the floor. That's all I can think of Angie. Hope that helps

- ERIC F (Tulsa, OK), 08/12/2019

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