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It seems I have been getting more calls for painting cabinets, vanity's, shelving lately. Dont know if it is the house flipper shows or what. Any way looking to experiment on the rolling and back brushing technique I see mentioned on here, to achieve a spayed like finish. Will be using BM Advance. I am assuming it is similar to the roll and tip method you see used in Boat painting. Where you roll an area then lightly tip the finish to smooth out the roller bubbles and bumps. Anyone willing to talk about how big of area the roll before the back brush it? Any tips or tricks? What brush and rollers do you have the most success with on things like cabinets, and vanities?
Category: Painter Post By: ROSA CHAPMAN (Cedar Rapids, IA), 07/28/2019

Even with Advance, not too big. Remember to thin a bit with water for better leveling. If it's a big area on cabinets and I'm using a 6 roller, I usually do 3 roller widths (with slight overlap of course) before putting the roller down and tipping off. It's important to tape the adjacent surface when using this method so you can roll from top to bottom and avoid cutting in. In addition to the obvious reasons to avoid a cut in, the paint won't be as heavy either, causing the paint you rolled and tipped off to want to sag into the cut in. Also, if I'm laying normal-sized doors flat, I try to roll the whole thing and tip off. Remember to wipe the back side with a damp cloth in case any paint beaded over from your roller. Or at least check if you are able to see. First coat is good for experimentation since you can wet sand any mistakes out. You'll have it down after awhile and certainly by the second coat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Miramar, FL), 07/31/2019

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